In celebration of 25 years since Wu-Tang's debut album "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)," Clarks Originals and Wu Wear have teamed up to create a capsule collection of Wallabees in three exclusive colorways.

Crafted in collaboration tannery Charles F. Stead, the Clarks Originals x Wu Wear range are collectors’ editions, featuring ‘Enter the Wu-Tang’ stamped into the left tongue, and ‘9 November 1993’ into the right, as well as the iconic Wu-Tang logo on the heel and fob. Each design, priced at $190, is water resistant and stain resistant.

Per Clarks: "Many icons break through the noise and make a cultural impact, but maintaining relevancy is what defines their place in today’s world. Celebrating the anniversary of their first album, Wu-Tang are still as prevalent and influential to the sound of hip-hop today as they were in the nineties, a presence influencers across the globe strive to achieve. From one icon to another, the Wallabee has preserved its heritage and stayed true to its roots, yet continues to maintain its relevance in a modern world. When two icons collide, it gets written in history. A new legacy is born. The World Needs Originals."