Former WWE superstar CM Punk is not quite back with the company, but he has been commenting and tweeting about WWE much more often now that he is part of Fox Sports 1's studio show, WWE Backstage. In typical Punk fashion, he has wasted little time ruffling the feathers of some WWE superstars including Seth Rollins and, most recently, Lana.

During Tuesday's episode of WWE Backstage, CM Punk addressed the ongoing storyline involving Lana, Bobby Lashley, and Rusev, as he suggested a hilarious way for WWE to end the love triangle. As described in the video embedded below, Punk envisions both Lashley and Rusev getting sick of dealing with Lana which would ultimately lead the two foes to join forces, setting up a "Loser Keeps Lana" tag team match against whoever it is that she clings to next. 

To make sure that Lana saw his comments, CM Punk also took to twitter to share his thoughts: "Loser keeps @LanaWWE match. Just booked you through mania, chica. You're welcome. @RusevBUL #WWEBackstage."

Lana responded to Punk's booking idea on Friday, tweeting, "I know you’ve been away from @WWE for several years. Perhaps moving forward, you will favor #WWE and @FS1 by refraining from misogynistic comments like “chica.” Thank you. #WWEBackstage"

We can't know for sure if Lana is just playing along or if she genuinely took issue with Punk's remarks but it wouldn't surprise anyone if he doubles-down before the night is over.