Right wing blogger, media personality and all-around troll, Milo Yiannopolous is apparently a big fan of hip hop. So much so that he stopped by North Broward Detention Facility to take a picture for the ‘Gram, captioning it #FREEX and tagging XXXTENTACION’s official account @heroinfather.

The problem is, Milo was at the wrong prison. While XXXTENTACION does have an outstanding armed home invasion and aggravated battery charge in Broward County, he’s actually currently being held in a different detention facility – Paul Rein Detention Facility. The two are located near each other, so we can see how Milo made the mix-up.

We aren’t sure how X feels about Milo, who has made a name for himself by making aggressive statements against things like feminism, Black Lives Matter and Islam. Yiannopolous was recently let go from his former employer Breitbart News after prior comments surfaced that seemed to show the alt-right icon giving implicit support to pedophilia between men and boys. He clearly has a lot of time on his hands after getting fired, since he can take tourist trips to detention facilities in Florida.

This may not only be an attention-seeking move by Yiannopolous. He recently posted a photo of a playlist he made, and its exclusively filled with hip hop (including XXXTENTACION). Check it out below.