XXXTentacion is looking to give to the community in a way that we haven't seen before: he wants to hire some fresh faces to join his fast-growing rap empire.

The controversial emcee took to social media yesterday to announce that he was offering jobs to anyone who feels they could add something to his brand via graphic design, photography or with their artwork. "The best way to help the community is to give them jobs," he remarked at the beginning of the clip, proceeding to ask fans to hit him up with their portfolios for a chance to make some cash from the man himself. You can check out a screencap of the full video below.

The prospect of working for a public figure as polarizing as XXXTentacion might scare some people off, and with good reason. Domestic abuse charges from an ex-girlfriend surfaced earlier this year, where she claimed that she not only physically beat her but also barred her from contacting anyone from the outside world using her phone. That trial is coming up in December, so who knows if the outcome of those legal proceedings will permanently affect his career or tarnish his current bankability in the hip-hop community in any way.

Then, there was the recent mix-up from a dust-up the young rapper was involved in during some time spent in Los Angeles. Two assailants, who seemed to come out of nowhere, jumped X and did their best to rough him up significantly. The 17 emcee mistook those men for members of the well-known trio Migos, railing against them on social media and even threatening to sue over the incident. Only one problem: neither of the two guys who jumped XXXTentacion were Quavo, Offset or Takeoff - in fact, besides the fact that the word "Migo" was etched into pendants they were wearing at the time, there was no connection between them and the rap group whatsoever.

Would you work for XXXTentacion? Or does his reputation for erratic behavior make him a less-than-appealing boss? Let us know in the comments.