According to information obtained byTMZ, XXXTentacion had no idea he was to appear on Lil Wayne's Carter V at the time of his passing. Unless you were nesting under a rock, you probably know that Carter V dropped yesterday at midnight; with it comes a posthumous vocal part from the late X on "Don't Cry."

A 22-year old Florida producer named Z3n who recorded a few stencils with X back in February appears to be the heart of this exchange. Z3n so happened to be a contributor on X's last album ?. The two men engaged in more than one recording session, one of which culminated in a touched up XXXTentacion song made to fit Lil Wayne's open verses.

Sometime after XXXTentacion had passed, Z3n and producer Lunch Money Lewis were reviewing some material in Miami and the song came up. X's song was later forwarded to on A&R who happened to be sitting next to Lil Wayne at the time. Evidently, Weezy took a liking to what he heard, because soon after, arrangements were made in haste.

The next step in the process saw Berkman pass the tape to yet another set of hands, producer Ben Billions, who added a few significant layers to Z3n's production, and together both rapper's vocal parts were consolidated into one. Though XXXTentacion couldn't ostensibly predict this would happen, he likely would have been ecstatic to learn of his fate on a historically significant hip hop album. X is said to have idolized Lil Wayne as a youngster, like many other rappers of his generation.