In case you missed it yesterday, an old clip of XXXTentacion surfaced online recently that showed the Florida artist hitting a woman in the head. The footage shows X innocently dancing behind a girl filming herself, and then out of nowhere he smacks her hard on the side of her head before the camera quickly cuts out.

As a result of this footage resurfacing, TMZ reports that prosecutors in XXX's domestic violence case are reviewing the video, which again appears to be older based on his short hair & look.

X’s attorney, Jaclyn Broudy, believes it's clear from the video that her client and the girl are friends and "the video was taken completely in jest." She also points out the footage is dated and that XXX is a changed person, even though some people are still trying to harm him by releasing an old video that she says shows nothing.

It’s uncertain how this unreleased footage could effect X’s case, especially since he just had his house arrest lifted by a judge last week in order for him hit the road & tour. However, you have to believe this can't be a good look.

We’ll continue to keep you posted if any more surfaces. In the meantime, check out X’s latest album, ?right here if you haven't done so already. He just landed his first top 10 single on Billboard 100 this week with “Sad” too.