The brawling just keeps on going at this weekend's Rolling Loud music festival in the Bay Area. Yesterday, the BasedGod found himself under attack and now, it was a fan's turn to be on the receiving end of some punches from none other than XXXTentacion.

The divisive teen rapper was videoed at the event striking a fan multiple times with his microphone. You can see that footage below. According to an XXL report of the incident, X was in the middle of crowd surfing while performing his well-known track "Look At Me" when, all of a sudden, several members of the crowd attempted to assault the emcee. A fight ensued, which saw X use his microphone as a weapon that he claimed was used in self-defense. In a statement that he later shared via Instagram, he reiterated that he wasn't the aggressor in this particular situation. “I’m just letting everyone know ahead of time that I punched someone in their face today because I was assaulted while I was performing,” the text in the rapper's Story pane revealed. “So before anybody sees the video and makes an assumption, I’m gonna beat everyone to it and let everyone know. Yo, I ended up punching someone because they punched me in my shit.”

For someone who has been accused of some pretty heinous acts of domestic abuse in the past, XXXTentacion will have to excuse anyone who readily assumes the worst from this Rolling Loud footage. However, he isn't the only one who's had their weekend marred by physical violence at the West Coast chapter of the very popular music festival. Yesterday, Lil B took to the stage and promptly cancelled his set, after letting it be known that A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and several other men jumped him backstage and beat him up. There's no telling whether or not any serious ramifications are coming A Boogie's way for this transgression, but the online support for Lil B has been off the charts so far. In fact, B himself took to Twitter to forgive his assailants and preach an overall message of love and acceptance. This weekend at Rolling Loud is turning out to be memorable for sure, but not for the reasons that people expected.