In the wake of the XXXTentacion’s passing, fans decided to takeover the exact location where he was killed on Tuesday, and hold a memorial and vigil for the late rapper, where his ex-girlfriend, Geneva, was kicked out of and had her things burned out of disrespect. Well it appears the Florida location wasn't the only spot where fans were paying homage to the late rapper. Thousands of people decided to line the streets of Los Angeles and actually shut down Melrose Ave, inciting a riot in the process.

Fans were climbing on top of vehicles, swarming the streets and sidewalks and scaling buildings. Some fans jumped off of roofs onto people below them as chants from the crowd grew larger. The memorial started out peacefully around 8 PM PST, but soon turned chaotic when the crowds grew much larger.

Multiple news crews and L.A. County Sheriff's department helicopters flew above, while officers in riot gear also descended upon the crowd. The cops reportedly had to fire rubber bullets and pepper bullets into the crowd after participants started to throw rocks. Thankfully the cops were able to get everything under control within time and fans eventually dispersed, but not before the damage was felt.

Check out the various clips of fans wildin’ out in the LA streets (below).