Although his image has been somewhat tainted by controversy over the course of his short career, it's hard to forget about how talented XXXTentacion is. The young rapper has showcased his musical versatility on his 17 and projects, proving that he is here for the long run. A talented singer and rapper, X can also be credited for helping to popularize the move of emo music into hip-hop culture. He has been relatively silent since dropping his last album earlier this year but when he has spoken, he has given his fans hopes by way of album updates for another upcoming project. Spending some time with his family, the Floridian took to his Instagram story to show what he's been up to.

Flaunting his platinum plaques for "Jocelyn Flores," X followed up his post with a rare Throwback Thursday celebration of him as a child. Taking one look at the photo, you can see that he has not changed at all, apart from the many face tattoos he now sports. Then, introducing the world to his grandmother, the pair decided to try their best Lil Tay impressions, mimicking the 9-year-old Instagram sensation's stunts. With a "forget @liltay" caption, X's grandma bragged about their big houses and big Benzes, telling everyone to "get your money up" much like Tay would. 

Given the comedic nature of the post, it is not a dig at Lil Tay at all, as the two are more likely just having some fun at her expense. Lil Tay has been the latest to blow up on the internet for... seemingly nothing other than having a big personality. While her fame may not last, it will be interesting to see how far her reach ends up as she is already becoming a well-known name among hip-hop personalities.