There's many who know Xzibit for his contributions to hip-hop, but the rapper's MTV show, Pimp My Ride was one of his most mainstream efforts. The television show, which aired in the mid-2000's, spawned one of the first memes on the internet. In a recent interview with 93.5KDay, the rapper admitted that he had no clue what the joke was about.

Xzibit spoke to 93.5KDay recently and spoke about his album Serial Killers, the current state of hip-hop and of course, his show Pimp My Ride. While it's been years since the show aired, it produced one of the funniest memes on the internet. However, Xzibit revealed that he initially thought his fans/trolls were confusing him with Randy Jackson.

"When it first came out, I didn't understand it. I was like, 'Why are these people, like calling me' -- like, all my comments say 'Yo dawg.' Like what the fuck does that mean? ... 'You talkin' 'bout the n***a from American Idol, Randy Jackson. He say that, I don't say that," he recalled. "They blended that shit together and I was like, 'Some white guy had to have made this.'"

Xzibit may have embraced the meme, but he did make it clear that he didn't have anything to do with working on the vehicles.

"I didn't put shit in anybody's car," he said. "N***a, you never seen me do shit to any of them cars on that show. You saw me at the beginning and at the end."

Peep our interview with Xzibit here.