Much like his iconic sketch comedy series, Chappelle's Show, music has played a big role in Dave Chappelle's recent string of shows at Radio City Music Hall. Among the many performers were Busta Rhymes, Spliff Starr (!!!), Janelle Monae, NasThe Roots, and Kanye West (who performed a surprise set). Dave definitely saved one of the biggest surprises for last however, as the Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey (fromerly Mos Def) reunited on stage as Black Star last night.

The duo, who have previously delivered memorable performance on Chappelle's show, went through some of their classic material, such as “Definition,” “Redefinition” and “History”, from their one and only album.

Bey later performed the Black On Both Sides highlight, “Umi Says” as well as a cover of Biggie’s “Juicy.” Kweli then brought out another blast from the past, bringing DJ Hi-Tek onstage for Reflektion Eternal favorite,“The Blast.”

Outside of the performance inducing a nostalgia trip, it also officially disproved rumors that Yasiin Bey was banned from the U.S., which is good news to say the least.

Check out some footage from the reunion below.