There is currently a wild social media debate over Birkin bags, believe it or not.

Despite half of the people commenting not being able to afford a $10,000+ bag, everybody seems to have an opinion on the matter. There are women co-signing Saweetie's message that men should be buying their partners Birkin bags and paying their bills, standing their ground and echoing the remark. Then, there are those who say that, if you can't afford your own purse, you shouldn't expect anyone else to buy one for you. Finally, there's the crowd that is just shopping at Telfar instead.

With a good number of people reacting to the debate on social media, Yaya Mayweather has officially chimed in, and she's team Birkin.

"Wait a minute... this is getting out of hand," she said in her initial message. "I'm starting to see too many people on this app with Birkins like their just some regular bags that you can go buy. Some of these Birkins gotta be fake and I'm not saying everybody's is fake. I'm not trying to be funny but let's make somethings crystal clear. For one, you can't just walk into an Hermès store and buy a Birkin. You have to be like a member in order to buy them. Two even if you are a member you can only buy so many a year (and because of this is why my dad sometimes goes overseas to purchase them)."

She continued with her fresh take on the situation, giving an educated stance on the Birkin bag.

"I really want to comment on this whole 'Birkin topic' but I'ma just sit this one out because I don't want to have some of y'all in a frenzy," added Yaya. "Just know when you speaking Birkins you speaking Iyanna Mayweather, and if you feel other wise let's argue!"

Do you think NBA Youngboy has her locked down with a Birkin allowance?