Yaya Mayweather has been ordered to refrain from going near LaPattra Jacobs and her kids following an alleged altercation that went down at NBA Youngboy's home over the weekend, The Blast reports.  

Per the court order, Yaya is prohibited from contacting Jacobs and was ordered to "not go within 1000 feet of the residence of place of business of the Complainant or any member of her family. Do not go within 1000 feet of any childcare facility or school that the Complainant’s children, if any, may attend.”

Yaya Mayweather was released on a $30K bond following the alleged stabbing. Along with keeping a distance from Jacobs, Yaya Mayweather is also prohibited from having any weapon in her possession. The order also includes restrictions from consuming alcohol or drugs.

As previously reported, Yaya was arrested after allegedly tabbing Jacobs twice in the arm and charged with aggravated assault with a  deadly weapon. Jacobs was rushed to the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for the stab wounds in her arms. Though the status of the surgery hasn't been disclosed to the public, doctors said that the injuries were non-life threatening. 

We'll keep you updated on more information surrounding Yaya's case.