For those of us attuned to all elements of hip-hop culture, from the genuinely interesting to the downright shameless guilty-pleasures, it's easy to forget that the artists we follow are complex human beings. In that sense, watching someone from afar can produce strange feelings of familiarity, which occasionally breeds false entitlement. As such, one Instagram commented decided to fling some shade at YBN Almighty Jay, who you might recognize as the boyfriend of the one and only Blac Chyna. 

After Blac Chyna posted a boomerang of herself dropping it to the floor, YBN slid through the comments with a lewd yet simple request: "sit on my face," complete with tongue emoji for emphasis. This exchange caught the eye of one particularly nosy user, who decided to call out Almighty Jay for his youth. Tagging the rapper in the post, said user told Jay to "sit on a potty trainer lil boy." Because, because Almighty Jay is the same age as a baby, get it. 

Perhaps emboldened by the thought of Blac Chyna sitting on his face, Almighty Jay came through with the quick retort, proving once and for all he's not one to bandy words with. "You need to sit on a scale and 2 waist trainers cause that stomach is unacceptable," he wrote, tagging her right back. A veritable schoolyard exchange of the digital era. Perhaps it's wise to avoid insulting strangers. Still, the exchange does seem to find Almighty Jay sinking down to a bit of a low, in terms of content; weight jokes are somewhat easy pickings, and are little more than surface critiques. However, the principle remains the same: if one is willing to insult somebody without provocation, they will not be able to control what comes back their way.