It looks like YBN Almighty Jay was jumped while in Fairfax, California today. The boyfriend of Blac Chyna hopped on his IG stories a few minutes ago and said he just had his chain stolen from him, while possibly being robbed at gunpoint.

“Who ever just took my chain on Fairfax, post it.” He said angrily wanting to know who did it. “Nigga’s is hoes. Post my shit. Post it, put it on Instagram right now. Post it. You niggas is hoes. Nigga got guns and cant shoot” he says while showing off his bloody hand.

Its unclear at the moment what chain Jay is referring to, but it’s probably the one with his name spelled out in diamonds, which he’s been wearing in his IG posts recently (see photo above).

There’s no footage yet as for what actually happened as we’re solely basing this story off his latest post, but it looks like they used force or flashed their gun at the very least.

While we wait for for more information or possibly footage to surface, check out Jay’s post (below). There’s no word yet from his girlfriend Blac Chyna either, but we’ll keep you posted if she speaks soon.