YBN Cordae Deals With A "Redneck A*s Cop" In The "Target" Music Video

Aron A.
September 26, 2018 21:00

YBN Cordae drops off his new visuals for '"Target."

While YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay got a bit of a head start in the game, YBN Cordae is catching up pretty quickly. The rapper's been making a lot of noise this year, especially after he released his response to J. Cole's "1985." Since then, he's become a promising member of the new generation of rappers. Earlier this month, the YBN crew finally released their crew mixtape, YBN: The Mixtape which featured YBN Cordae's track, "Target." Now, Cordae serves up an official video for the song.

YBN Cordae is back with his new music video for "Target." The song itself highlights racial profiling and Cordae serves up a visual to properly represent it. The video finds Cordae and some of his friends in a car while a cop pulls him over. Ultimately, YBN Cordae finds himself getting ripped out of his vehicle while people walking by begin to tape the arrest. 

Watch Cordae's new music video above.

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