Seeing as the radio freestyle has been all but retired indefinitely, BARS have been yet another commodity to suffer from a shortage. Where we might usually get our fix by way of suppliers like Funkmaster Flex and the LA Leakers, ongoing social distancing practices have rendered their trade obsolete for the time being. Instead, artists have flocked to Instagram to fire off their freestyles, with YBN Cordae recently coming through with some absolute heat.

AllenBerezovsky/Getty Images

Donning the night-time pajamas for the occasion, Cordae let fly a salvo of wizened lyrics, prompting unanimous praise from many prominent hip-hop names in the comment section. Off top he makes sure to set a tone, addressing the predicament facing the world at large. "Let me tell you about the times that we facin'," he spits. "This ain't a zombie invasion but when you think shit finally amazing, it hits a wall / now honestly only the fickle fall / we gotta stick together like my dick and balls, n***a pause." 

Lamenting that he's been "stuck in the stu for three days, just to keep safe," Cordae proves that crisis can indeed spark unexpected bouts of inspiration. Unfortunately, he hasn't exactly been picking up his phone -- should Joyner Lucas' comment prove any indication. "But I can’t get a verse back. Smh," he laughs, playfully trolling his fellow lyricist. Be that as it may, we're glad to see Cordae keeping himself busy -- the bars must live on, and who better to keep the tradition alive than one of the game's great young hopes?