One of the strangest couples to have formed throughout the year has to be YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna. With a major difference in age, many were surprised when the two first linked up. There is no denying that Jay's career has taken off as a result of his Blac Chyna connection as he was relatively unknown before their relationship began. One person that had no clue the two were dating was YBN Nahmir as he detailed his initial reaction to finding out his boy was with Chyna on Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show.

When the hosts asked Nahmir about how Jay and Chyna got together, the "Bounce Out With That" rapper claimed he didn't know. As they egged him on, he divulged his first thoughts to their pairing, saying, "I was at the house one day, you feel me? And I was on my Instagram when Jay had just walked in the crib and was like 'I gotta tell you something but I can't tell you right now.' I was like, 'alright.' He was like, 'You just gon' see.'" Nahmir continued, "Next thing you know, this n---a at the crib with Blac Chyna and I'm like, 'Ohhhhh!'" Apparently, he had seen the two together before but he had absolutely no idea that they were dating. He says that knowing Jay, he wouldn't expect him to be interested in Chyna but alas, here we are. 

Watch the video below where Nahmir is even speechless at one point at how shocked he was about the couple.