YFN Lucci Admits To Smoking Three Zips Per Day On "How To Roll"

Mitch Findlay
March 08, 2018 16:03

YFN Lucci reflects on a birthday party for the ages in the new installment of "Rolling A Backwoods."

YFN Lucci's rise is well documented. On the cusp of Ray Ray From Summerhill, many have already begun to indulge in rolling up a preparatory Backwoods. Perhaps your technique is a little rusty. Should that be the case, there is no shortage of wisdom from the game's most practiced aficionados. As it happens, YFN Lucci's got the deft hands. He recently stopped by our offices to school the game on his proven methods. For some context, he's high so often, he can't remember the highest he's ever been; perhaps it was during this very interview. It's no wonder - Lucci goes on to reveal that he smokes between two to three ounces a day. 

Admittedly, his generosity ensures that few lungs go untouched in his circle.  He proceeds to reflect on his birthday, which featured strippers "shooting fire out of their coochies" like a sultry Charlmeleon. Suffice it to say, Lucci's birthday seems to have redefined "lit." "The Migos came, Boosie, Trouble, Devante, P, Trippie Red, Yachty," says Lucci. "All my people came."

For more from Lucci aka Ray Ray From Summerhill, be sure to check out the full interview.

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HNHH TV YFN Lucci Admits To Smoking Three Zips Per Day On "How To Roll"