A recent encounter has ultimately proved troublesome for Offset, after he karate-chopped a fan's phone out of his hands, causing irreparable damage to the device. While the fan doesn't want to press charges, he does expect Offset to pay for the $800 phone.

Image via HNHH

Upon leaving Atlanta's "Diamonds & Watches" shop with $500k in new loot, Lucci took a moment to chop it up with a TMZ cameraman. After showing off his new car, Lucci fielded a question about Offset's felony arrest warrant, which was issued after the rapper neglected to deal with the ramifications of his "judo chop."  Though Lucci does feel a warrant is excessive, he also feels that Offset should probably engage in a bit of damage control, if only to avoid any potential legal ramifications. Considering that the fan isn't looking to lay down the law, Lucci thinks there's an easy way out. 

"I ain't slapping my fans," he outlines first, laying a line in the sand. "We go sit down and eat with the fans, we take good pictures." The cameraman suggests that a conciliatory phone call might be the move, a fact with which Lucci seems to agree. Where do you stand? Did Offset do too much, or is there nothing a little olive-branching won't fix?