When in doubt, just laugh off uncomfortable questions the way YFN Lucci did in his recent interview. The rapper was hit with questions about his beef with Thugger, Yak Gotti standing on his car, and NBA YoungBoy mentioning his girlfriend Reginae Carter's name in a song. Lucci did give his takes on those controversial moments, he also found most of them amusing. 

YFN Lucci, Reginae, Young Thug, NBA YoungBoy
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"That n*gga a ho man," Lucci said of Yak Gotti while speaking with VladTV. There was an awkward pause as the rapper laughed and added, "What you finna say though?" Vlad mentioned that Yak Gotti is Young Thug's artist and mentioned Lucci and Thugger's ongoing beef, wanting to know if "there is any way that y'all can work it out?"

Lucci answered with a question of his own: "Work what out?" He added, "We ain't got nothin' to work out. He over there, I'm over here. He in L.A., I'm in the A. Sh*t. What we gotta work out?" Elsewhere during the interview, Vlad pegged YFN Lucci with questions about his personal life, specifically regarding his relationship with Reginae Carter. 

Reginae Carter, YFN Lucci, VLADTV, Kids, NBA YoungBoy, Yak Gotti, Young Thug
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The rapper, who is a father of four, said he's "gotta have more kids," but he and Reginae haven't spoken about one day having children together. "You don't talk about having kids. You just make them motherf*ckers," Lucci said. Vlad mentioned Lucci calling NBA YoungBoy a "real b*tch" for mentioning Reginae's name in one of his songs and the rapper couldn't stop laughing.

"I was just talkin' sh*t," he said. Lucci made it clear that he wasn't going to stand for someone disrespecting his lady, but when Vlad mentioned Kodak Black saying something about Reginae as well, the rapper just said he "f*cks with" Kodak, so that was different. Check out the clips of his interview below.