YG Co-Stars With Arin Ray In "We Ain't Homies" Video

Devin Ch
March 28, 2018 18:02

Arin Ray & YG deliver "We Ain't Homies" music video.

Arin Ray continues the campaign trail for Platinum Fire, in full force. "We Ain't Homies" plays off the dissimilarity of his old self and his new found esteem. We're talking about a former X-Factor contestant shedding his skin. Arin's made for teevee story speaks for itself.

YG boasts about having white friends now. Things sure do change in a heartbeat when you get amalgamated into something as big as the recording industry. YG keeps his bool, puts phonies to the test-& on notice. He also adds a particular punch to the record. Mind you YG is noted for his effortless charm, something a young R&B singer could learn to impart.

Arin Ray's "We Ain't Homies" is filmed entirely in Black-and-White. YG calls shotgun on the front seat of Arin's old school. They end up letting the road take them as far their gas tank permits.

Platinum Fire is out now. Go get it.

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