YG is the latest rapper to link with GQ to show off their insane jewelry collection, but this "Big Bank" rapper ain't about the bling as much as you would think. Compared to past guests on the series such as Lil Yachty, Quavo, Juicy J and more, YG (born Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson) is more into bandanas than anything. 

In the video below, YG explains how his first piece of ice was given to him by Young Jeezy who kept telling YG that he needs to lock down a piece of bling. "He was like 'YG you need some jewelry' and I'm like 'nah I'm not into the jewelry,'" he said, as seen the clip. "He kept pressing me and I never got none so he just bought me one. As a rap artist people just expect you to have jewelry." The piece in mention was a Rolex with a red face. 

YG later explained how he has a nice little collection, especially pieces that represent his 4 Hunnid label, but other than that: "It ain't my swag." 

As for other rappers killing it with their jewelry, YG shouted out the Migos, Lil Yachy and A$AP Rocky for holding it down.