This Friday, many will be hitting the malls to take advantage of the price gouges offered annually on the day after Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday. For those not wanting to take part in Black Friday, which generally reduces the American populace to its basest impulses, YG is offering another holiday: Red Friday. The Piru-approved celebration will bring with it another mixtape from the ruler of the 400 Block. Red Friday will be the follow-up to YG's sophomore album, this summer's excellent Still Brazy. It will be YG's first solo tape since January 2013's Just Re'd Up 2

YG shared the cover art of Red Friday today. It certainly fits in with the color scheme. 

The tape will include extensive production from DJ Mustard, the man who joined YG on all of his early mixtapes. Mustard was left off of Still Brazy, though he reconnected with YG for three tracks on his own album, Cold Summer, released in September. Who's ready to paint the streets red on Friday?