Donald Trump didn't win the popular vote, and has not been a popular man as of late. His fight for a border wall has left the government in what is now the longest government shutdown in American history. Government workers are not impressed, and critics of Trump are selling the narrative that the president doesn't care about those who work for the United States of America. The drama even led to White House staffers such as chefs taking off, which forced Trump to serve Clemson fast food on their trip to the White House. 

All of the drama surrounding the Trump administration, from the government shut down to the ongoing investigations into his dealings with Russia, will be new inspiration for YG. The west coast vet dropped "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)" and a remix featuring G-Eazy and Macklemore prior to Trump being elected. Now that he's in office, YG has two years of material he can drop on the president. The Stay Dangerous rapper took to Twitter to announce that a "Fuck Donald Trump" sequel is in the works. "FUCK DONALD TRUMP 2 BOMING SOON," he tweeted with obvious excitement. The original was a low-key anthem at all YG shows. The sequel should be just as entertaining.