YG followed up an impressive debut album with an almost more impressive sophomore album. That alone is quite a feat. The rapper who replaces his c's with b's (and basically turned that into a thing, even for those without gang ties), stealthily avoided a sophomore slump with Still Brazy, and not only that, he showed us a more grown up side of himself-- he evolved. He evolved, yet he also turned the clock back, taking from bygone eras of West Coast rap through out Still Brazy

Although there are a lot of lyrics and details that YG and his crew (mainly composed of West Coast players) put into Still Brazy, we put on our headphones and rounded up some of the more notable numbers for a collage infographic.

If you haven't heard the album yet (what're you doing?), this'll give you a head start of sorts. If you haven't seen our digital cover with YG yet (see previous bracketed question), head here.