YNW Melly Enters A Bloody Ritual In "Murder On My Mind"

August 06, 2018 12:04

The rapper levels up his visuals for this fan favorite.

YNW Melly dropped his long-awaited debut project entitled I Am YouThe album is made up of 15 tracks, both older goodies, and new bops alike. One of the songs that many of his fans would recognize is "Murder On My Mind." The song has been available for streaming since March 2017. Finally, after waiting for over a year, his following has access to a visual interpretation of the fan favorite. 

This new music video is arguably one of his better productions in terms of narrative and esthetic. The clip is full of symbolism as Melly draws the viewer into a particular space within seconds of its beginning. The opening is a crime scene that shows the rapper holding a wounded loved one in his arms, stained with his blood. Soon after, the camera jumps to a room full of candles. The new mood is set with winks to popular culture's representation of Haitian voodoo, including tons of lit candles and dead chickens.

The visuals paired with the song's lyrics make up a whole new meaning through symbolism. Still, symbology is subjective. The intended interpretation can only be clarified by its makers, although speculations are obviously welcome. Share your own interpretations in the comments.

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