Yo Gotti received both good and bad news today but the bad might outweigh the good. The rapper won a lawsuit he filed against an auto shop he accused of wrecking his Lamborghini. The rapper reportedly paid $409,198.70 for the vehicle four years ago and faced $330K worth of damages after it was wrecked. The judge awarded him $66,300 which amounts to 17% of the cost of damages. 

Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images 

Unfortunately, Gotti also took an L in court today after losing a $2.2M lawsuit over a verse he failed to deliver. According to TMZ, the rapper was hit with a $6.6M default judgment earlier today in North Carolina. The rapper allegedly received $20K to rap on Young Fletcher's track in 2016 but later refused to release the track. It was later revealed that he recorded a similar verse for a separate song. 

That was apparently not all Gotti did. Apparently, he tried to go behind Fletcher's manager's back in an attempt to sign the artist to his own label for $150K. 

The rapper was served with the suit onstage but he never responded to the lawsuit which seemingly made things worse for him in the end. The judge issued a $2.2M judgment but then tripled it because of Gotti's "willful, unfair, and deceptive acts."

In the case that Gotti refuses to cough up the loot, Michael Terry, Fletcher's manager, said they'll collect the rapper's cars and Bel-Air mansion.