Rap icon Yo-Yo has plenty of stories to share about the glory days of hip hop from when she stepped on the scene back in the late 1980s. The 48-year-old has shared stages alongside her fellow hip hop legends and during a recent chat with the Murder Master Music Show, Yo-Yo talked about releasing "Out of Control," her first single in 10 years. The Compton rapper also discussed those days back in the 1990s when she dated Tupac Shakur and fondly remembered him as a man with unmatched confidence.

Yo-Yo, Tupac Shakur
Bryan Bedder / Staff / Getty Images

"Pac, he was a hothead, he was a sh*t talker!" she said with a laugh. "He thought he was the best. He was the best entertainer that I remember. He had a swag about him when he touched that stage. I fell in love with him as an artist, first. Just, his love for music, his passion for people, he was a young rider. He was a young Malcolm X, he was a young Black Panther, he was a street n*gga," she added with another laugh. "He was all of that mixed up in one and he had a penmanship when it came to writing lyrics like nobody else. He lived it, he breathed it, it was in his walk."

YoYo teased her late friend once again. "Cocky ass n*gga! Very cocky. I loved him, though!" the rapper continued with a chuckle. "I loved him. I loved his confidence. He was... It's sad that he is not here today because I always say our families would still be in contact with each other. I'm in contact with his family and I work with his sister and their organization the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation... The fact that he's not here seeing our kids grow up." Listen to a clip of Yo-Yo talking about Tupac Shakur on the Murder Master Music Show below.