The NFL Draft starts today which means a multitude of college football players will realize their dreams of making it into the NFL and being amongst some of the world's best athletes. Some teams will make some great moves while others will pick players that won't do much for their organizations. The draft is always a huge spectacle with fans putting a lot of stock into the whole thing and who their team ends up taking. Tonight, the first round will go down while subsequent rounds will take place over the next couple of days.

On Saturday, the Baltimore Ravens will have the 123rd overall pick in the fourth round and they've decided to do something special with it. Mo Gaba is a 13-year-old Ravens fan who is currently battling cancer and lost his eyesight at just nine months old. Yesterday, Gaba called into a local radio show when Ravens head coach John Harbaugh surprised him on the line with some exciting news. The Ravens are inviting Gaba to read the team's fourth-round pick using a braille card, which would make him the first ever person to do so, according to ESPN.

"Really? I've never done that before," Gaba said. "I would like to do that. Yeah!" The Ravens are making a great gesture which will surely be a special highlight of this year's draft.