When Young Buck gets out prison, which is supposed to happen in October, he'll finally be out of debt. The rapper has been dealing with bankruptcy for quite some time now, leading to the IRS auctioning off many of his personal items, cashing in on $53,000.

Although Buck is getting a clean slate, some of his creditors aren't so lucky. 50 Cent shelled out a $300,000 loan for Buck, and there was still a balance of $171,000, and Fif isn't getting any of it back, according to documents obtained by TMZ. The same goes for G-Unit Records, who are reportedly losing $10 million from the former G-Unit rapper.

Nonetheless some people are getting paid from Buck, the lawyers, the bankruptcy trustee and Uncle Sam are splitting $330,000.

Young Buck has been serving an 18-month sentence for a gun charge, although he managed to drop some new music just the other week "Rage."