Young Chop has been feuding with pretty much everyone and anyone in the rap game. From artists like Jay-Z and Jeezy to 21 Savage, Southside, Meek Mill, there aren't many artists in the music industry who appear to be on Chop's good side these days. However, it seems like out of anyone else, he's really trying to get a reaction from 21 Savage, and he has. 21 has addressed claims of faking his street credentials made by Chop but even then, it seems like the drill producer still won't let go.

Years ago, when Amber Rose and 21 Savage were a thing, we saw another side to the ATL rapper that no one's ever seen before. Not only was he advocating for women's rights with his then-girlfriend but he also held a sign that read, "I'm a hoe, too" and walked side-by-side with Amber Rose in the SlutWalk. This blew over quite quickly at the time but Chop decided to revisit this as a means to humiliate 21. "So @21savage u not a hoe that’s not what that sign say #gay ass n***a," he wrote.

That wasn't all he said. He added that he's heard some rumors about his sex life as well. "I heard Amber Rose played in your ass," he wrote. 

No response from 21 Savage yet but considering he's already shared two explanations twice this week, it should be shocking if he even paid this situation any mind.