Young Dolph is dropping his Thinking Out Loud album tomorrow, and if the three singles are any indication, it may very well be the Memphis rapper's strongest project yet. If you're curious about Dolph's latest sounds, check out the pre-release drops "While U Here," "Believe Me," and "Drippy" right here. All things considered, Young Dolph has emerged from his harrowing shooting stronger than ever, and his new lease on life should make for some exciting and thought provoking music in the future. And while his creativity has largely been expressed behind a microphone, it would appear that Dolph and his team have brought their A-Game where Thinking Out Loud's merchandise is concerned.

While most artists are content with t-shirts, vinyls, stickers, and perhaps the occasional fidget spinner, Dolph defied all expectations with this high-ticket, limited edition item. Should you be so inclined, you can officially cop a Young Dolph approved, custom made "Bulletproof" flak jacket. A disclaimer indicates that the MOLLE plates are sold separately, so the jacket itself is not actually bulletproof, but from an aesthetic standpoint it's certainly badass as hell. Should you decide to cop the "Bulletproof" vest, you'll also get a copy of Thinking Out Loud.

It might be a little niche, but you have to give props to Dolph and his team for some A+ branding. If you're looking to support Dolph by purchasing something more conventional, his Thinking Out Loud merch also features hoodies, t-shirts, and bandannas. On his latest clothing capsule, Dolph praised his creative team, stating ""I’m loving this shit. My team help me put it all together. It’s about being creative as possible."

Stay tuned for Thinking Out Loud, which drops at midnight. And if you haven't already, go check out the Mike Will Made-It produced single "Drippy." It's some fire.