Young Dolph Releases "Slave Owner" Amidst Kanye West Controversy

Devin Ch
May 03, 2018 11:35

Young Dolph offers his critique of the Major Label system with "Slave Owner."

The timing of this venture couldn't be more à propos, or suspect depending on execution. Today, Young Dolph offers the world his metaphorical treatment of the relationship between record labels and the artists they bond into "slavery." Keep in mind, that's only a coercive read on the situation. Dolph does refer to himself as a "slave owner" with a "whole lotta whips." Young Dolph presents a tender subject because, he simply doesn't care that you're offended. His defiance of conventional wisdom is what got him into trouble with Yo Gotti in first place.

The video for "Slave Owner" begins in a mansion of all places. An Uncle Ruckus type character answers the door in a frantic manner, opposite the Caucasian landowner who signs off on his release. A bevy of models populate the oval driveway, coming out in droves as soon Young Dolph arrives on the scene in his Wraith. Incidentally, Young Dolph doesn't seem to be offering this video as a retort. The insensitivity demonstrated by Kanye West in his TMZ live interview is only made more palpable by Dolph's questionable video concept. Make of it what you will.

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