It looks like Young Dolph dodged another bullet this weekend, but thankfully we’re metaphorically speaking this time around. According to TMZ, the Memphis rapper was the only one of his four friends who didn't get arrested this weekend for having a gun on him.

Law enforcement says Dolph was the only one out of four guys to be released during a Sunday traffic stop in Los Angeles. The three other guys who were with Dolph were all arrested for possession of a firearm, but Dolph was not strapped and, therefore was able to walk away with no issues. His other three friends were immediately sent to jail, and it's unclear if they're still behind bars at the moment or not, but Im sure Dolph will bail them out when allowed to. 

The traffic stop reportedly occurred in Hollywood, not too far from where Dolph was shot in the ass late last year. Before that though, Dolph was shot at over 100 times while in North Carolina months earlier, luckily not getting hit in the process, and literally dodging 100 bullets. So you might understand why his friends and camp are always strapped where ever they go.

This news comes just days after Dolph surprised fans with the release of his 6-song EP Niggas Get Shot Everyday, which appears to be inspired by Camron Rico's classic line from Paid In Full.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest with Dolph moving forward.