In 2017, rapper Young Dolph had his fair share of ups and downs. On the plus side, he released some of his strongest music to date, with projects like Bulletproof, Tracking Numbers, and Thinking Out Loud, not to mention the Gelato mixtape. Not only was his output prolific, but it seemed as if the self-stylized King of Memphis was continuously growing as an artist, with his most recent album being his most personal yet. However, his life took a scary turn in September, when he was shot outside a shoe store in Los Angeles. While his wounds were initially deemed non-life threatening, there were a few uncertain hours where the rapper was placed in critical condition. 

Fast forward to the new year. TMZ recently caught Dolph at Atlanta's Phepps Plaza, after he dropped forty-thousand dollars on some new fur (which he understandably refuses to try on). In the clip, Dolph speaks about his mentality after the shooting, explaining that his perceptions and goals have pretty much remained unwavering. When asked if his worldview as changed, Dolph says "not really. It just let me know that I'm a powerful individual. Reminded me to stay away from negativity, stay away from suckas. It's a big world, lotta money to get."

He's eventually asked if he has any advice to give for Kodak Black, and Dolph replies "stay focused, dawg. Remember the reason you're doing what you're doing. Money to be made man. Can't let the bustas distract you...Stay out the way, mind your business, get your paper, and dodge all the suckas."