The New Orleans Police Department is looking for a man they identified from CCTV footage obtained at the scene of a shooting which resulted in rapper Young Greatness' death. As reported, Young Greatness was shot and killed outside a waffle house on Monday, October 29. They have identified the man pictured below, as a "person of interest" central to the case.

Greatness' mother, Jeanine Rose spoke with local news outfit WDSU on the social conditions of their milieu. "I can't stand that place," she said of New Orleans. "They can have it with their politics and potholes. It's too many mothers taking slow walks to sad tombs while they sit at home and play politics with people's life and people living." Greatness' mother wasn't the only person to comment on growing concern for violence, and how it impedes progress in local hip-hop scene.

Rapper Sess 45 also spoke with WDSU, telling them the murder of Young Greatness is a direct example of why some artists have turned away from the city they call home, in order to pursue their careers. "They love and want to represent the city," he told Christina Watkins of WDSU, "at some point, your life could be cut short."

Young Greatness was 34 at the time of his passing.