In late October, New Orleans rapper Young Greatness was murdered outside of a Louisiana Waffle House. Though his killer initially escaped justice, it didn't take long for police to narrow down a few people of interest, including a 38-year-old man named Brett Scipio. For the record, Scipio is not a suspect in the murder, though police officers are hoping to speak with him nevertheless. Now, The The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that the manhunt is still in process, with both the killer and yet another person-of-interest, 38-year-old Donald Reaux, still in the wind. 

Like Scipio, Reaux is not considered a suspect, though he remains wanted for questioning nonetheless. The context surrounding his possible involvement is unclear. Apparently, he was named as a person of interest in early December, and has since managed to elude the cops. Department spokesman Aaron Looney reiterated in a statement that Reaux is not wanted on any charges related to the death of Young Greatness. 

We can only hope that police end up finding the men who did this. May the New Year bring justice for Young Greatness, as well as his friends and family. RIP.