A promoter has accused Young M.A of reneging on her agreement to perform at a New Orleans club and keeping the $33,000 she had been paid for the show.

The promoter, who goes by Winston, claims that M.A's team complained that the venue wasn't "packed enough" and told her not to bother showing up. 

“Young M.A had a nasty attitude the whole time. I called her about my back end because she didn’t show," he explained in an Instagram video. "She ran to the airport with her management team. They stop answering the phone.”

Winston has been persistent in his pursuit of the $33,000 M.A owes him. He assembled his clique to threaten her in an Instagram video, then headed to the home studio to write a Young M.A diss track over the "OOOUUU" instrumental.

Watch the series of events unfold and listen to Winston's Young M.A diss track below.