Yesterday, Kodak Black reacted to Young M.A implying that she is not the least bit interested in Kodak Black as a romantic suitor. She has made it clear in the past that she's not into men but, for some reason, people like Kodak still try and slide into her DMs. Some fans have taken M.A's side by calling sexual harassment on what's happening between the two online. However, the rapper herself is totally unbothered by the "Tunnel Vision" artist.

Kodak Blackasked how Young M.A is a girl but doesn't want her "p***y penetrated" yesterday, which led M.A to reply with a hearty laugh. She took to Instagram as she ate pancakes and sipped on cognac in the morning, cracking up and subliminally dissing Kodak again. "Y'all n***as funny," she laughed. "Y'all n***as is funny, blood. I swear to god, these n***as is funny out here." She directed all the newcomers on her page to watch her latest music video, adding later on that she has a simple theory about why Kodak is getting so worked up. 

"They just mad kuz I beat the 🐱 like bam bam and im makin these bitches twerk on a hand stand," wrote M.A. So, according to her, Kodak and his supporters are angry because she bags more women than him on a regular basis. Which side are you on?