This may not be the most relevant story of the day, but it sure is a good one. Before Young Thug became a famous “Stoner” and started living the Rich Gang “lifestyle”, he was apparently busy causing havoc as a youngin’ growing up, specifically in the classroom.

In a new article via Rolling Stone, Thugger openly admits to a time when he broke his middle school teacher’s arm after a scuffle the two had due to his bad behavior. He was eventually kicked out of school due to the altercation, but never felt bad about it. He tells Rolling Stone,

"I broke my teacher's arm," he says matter-of-factly. "Took his ass out. Pussy-ass nigga."

Along with the expulsion, Thugger was also forced to attend a juvenile detention program for years. He describes it,

“Seven in the morning to six in the afternoon," he says. "No windows or nothing, like a real jail. Lot of punishment. I didn't do shit there but gamble, smoke and fuck."

If the artwork (above) is any indication of Thugger's success, then I think he's doing just fine for himself without that school's education.