Despite his animated and unconventional persona, Young Thug has managed to solidify himself as one of the game's more respected "new" rappers. Backed by a strong repertoire of Slime Season 3, Barter 6, Jeffery, Beautiful Thugger Girls, & Super Slimey, Thugger's catalog runs deep. In a few short years, it almost feels appropriate to dub him a veteran. As such, it would appear he's found his apprentice - the young generation's unofficial spokesperson slash lean aficionado Lil Pump

While plenty felt that Pump was merely a passing fad, destined to fade from his post "Gucci Gang" glow, the brash Floridian seems to have planted his feet firmly on ground. No matter how many haters seem to fire vitriol in his direction, he simply brushes it off, screaming "EKSETTIT" with the unmitigated force of a Skyrim shout.  At the very least, we'll be hearing from Pump for at least one more album, and from the look of it, he may very well have found a willing collaborator.

A recent photograph places both Jeffery and Pump in the studio, seemingly having a jovial conversation. It's hard to say what the pair may be discussing, but one can only imagine it's a discourse for the ages. Naturally, studio link-ups tend to yield new music, so it wouldn't be surprising to hear Pump and Thug connecting in the near future. The only question is, are you here for it?