When Young Thug announced that Barter 7 would be arriving "in moments" last week, nobody quite knew what to make of the statement. Barter 6 is one of Thugger's best bodies of work so the idea of a sequel sounds amazing but Jeffery has already released two projects in the span of a few months. On The Rvn released just a few weeks ago so it seems like an odd time to be focusing on a new project. Regardless of the questionable timing, moments have passed and we still have not received the project but, in Young Thug time, "moments" can mean anything from one second to eight years. 

Especially considering Hy!£UN35 is still absent from Thug's discography, the Barter 7 announcement seemed weird. We're obviously still excited to receive the work though and it seems the artist is working endlessly to make that time come sooner rather than later. He and producer London on da Track were spotted in the studio together, likely making some more of the magic they've been known to create. The two are in full Barter 7 mode from the looks of the photos they posted, uploading a few selfies to Twitter. The producer rocks full red attire, likely inspired by the title of the project he's working on.

On The Rvn is still extremely fresh in our minds. So is Slime Language for the sake of that argument. But if King Slime says he's got a new piece coming out, we're going to take notice. Are you excited for B7?