Young Thug's illuminating new profile in GQ confirms what we suspected all along: the man gives negative fucks. He burnished his DGAF reputation last night when, out of nowhere, he posted a picture of The Game's daughter to Instagram. “Such a cutie," he wrote. "Wish she was my kid!!”

He quickly deleted the post, but not before The Game heard about it. Game clapped back a couple hours later by posting a picture of Thug's daughter to IG. “Aye, you ain’t had to delete the post thug," he wrote. "I appreciate you for the compliment on @LittleMissCaliDream… In fact, your daughter cute too bruh – Sincerely, The Game.” Within hours, his post had been deleted as well.

The Game and Thug have been chirping at each other via social media since last May; Game reignited the beef last week when he said that he'd “beat the Victoria secret out that boy/girl.” This "complimenting each other's daughter" thing is undoubtedly one of the weirder turns the beef has taken.

Check out their since-deleted IG posts in the image gallery.