As we all wait for On The Rvn to finally drop, Young Thug has been making headlines outside of his music as his most recent legal troubles have become a hot topic. Of course, the Atlanta artist is generally just a large presence in the world of hip-hop. Many appreciate his contributions to the genre and while he may not be on everybody's good side, he is well-respected in the industry. Considering he was clowned hard after "Lifestyle" dropped years ago, Thugger has come a long way. It seems as though he's made a few enemies along the way though as he recently hit his Instagram Story to talk some shit to an unknown character. 

The target of his tirade is not very clear but he went in on the man, calling him out primarily for the size of his Cuban links. He started off pretty tame, writing, "Them small Cuban links ain't nun.... grow up lil n---a." He doesn't tag anybody or specify who he is referring to but he ends up making some pretty harsh threats in the next upload. "U in a b-tch dm but her Cuban links bigger than yours... kill yourself," added the Slime God. Some would argue that size doesn't matter but according to Thugger, a man should never wear a smaller chain than his girl. Some people just aren't too flashy with their jewelry, or they can't afford a chain that costs in the hundreds of thousands, but Thug seems to think the man should consider suicide because of his actions.

Whoever he's referring to, the "Best Friend" artist could probably have gone without that last line. Who do you think is the subject of this rant?