We knew Young Thug was something of an oddball. A new in-depth profile in GQ elucidates Thug's various eccentricities, and it appears that he is even weirder than we thought. Here are few standout details:

Devin Freidman, who authored the profile, reported that he only ever saw Thug eat vending machine Hot Fries. "He does not like to eat, and goes for days without food," Freidman wrote. "On the third of every month, a doctor shows up at his mansion near Buckhead and injects him with vitamins."

"You will never see bigger guns tucked into smaller pants," reported GQ's photographer.

Thug, it turns out, loves shooting dice, despite the fact that his brother was killed over a gambling dispute.

“There are two Thugs,” Be El Be explained. “One a rapper and one a gambler. This ain't Thug, it's Lil Jeff. I think he like shooting dice more than rapping.” Then he said, “I saw him win a $100,000 watch a couple weeks ago. Lost all this money and then took it all and the watch, tricked them. He's slick. That's why they call him Slime.”

Lastly: did you know that Thug, 24, has six kids by four women?

Head here to read the very entertaining, very informative GQ profile.