It looks like Young Thug is having some baby mama drama. The rapper isn't shy about advertising his love for fiancee Jerrika Karlae on various social platforms, but his eleven children, who also make an appearance on Thug's social media every now and then, are from previous partners. It looks like one of Thug's baby mama has been stirring the pot, as Thug has taken to twitter to vent about her.

Thug posted a series of tweets which insinuate that the mother of two of his children is an unfit parent, while he seemingly turns the table on something she said about him. It appears his baby mama incited the twitter rant by sending a "child abandonment warrant" to Thug's house.

Among his tweets, he says, "Your lil sis still piss In the bed and she's 23.... Your house is empty but u make money?? Bitch the only income u got came from ME!!!" He goes, "U bring my kids to see me with shitty pampers on and no chaging clothes but I'm unfit!!!"

Check out the full rant below. We'll update you if more details arrive.