A few days ago, Young Thug slid through for an appearance on T.I.'s Expeditiously podcast, where he proceeded to open up in one of his most candid interviews yet. With Benny The Butcher also in attendance, which dates this one prior to his shooting on November 15th, Thug opened up with a few interesting insights, with one in particular standing out. Specifically, his take on Andre 3000

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The conversation shifted to Three Stacks after Tip inquires as to whether Young Thug initially donned the infamous Jeffery dress for attention, a claim that Thugger adamantly denies. He actually maintains that he had simply bought a pair of Mason Margiela shoes, and the dress happened to match it. "That shit was just that simple," he laughs. "That motherfucka matched! It was not for attention. That's on the holy bible, that's on my kids." T.I. mentions that Andre 3000 also happened to wear a dress, prompting Thug to reflect on his experience (or lack thereof) with the OutKast rapper.  

"I only did that for my generation though," he explains. "I can't rap you two Andre 3000 songs. I ain't never paid attention to him. Never in my life." "You crazy," replies T.I. "You're missing out. Y'all need to work together. Your motherfuckin' next move, just like you went and worked with Elton John--"

Thugger interrupts to clarify. "But the difference between Elton John and Andre is, to simplify it, Elton John likes to kiss ass, and Dre likes his ass kissed. Elton John like "Hey! I like you, I remember your first song, I remember Gucci first song, when Guwop getting out?' He a fan type of n***a, to the point where I'm like 'let's do music,' and he's like 'n***a bet!' Andre more like, and this is his secretary 'ey, tell the n**ga it's Thug, n***a."

Young Thug Andre 3000

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When T.I. passionately vouches for Andre 3000's status as their ally, Thugger shakes his head. "No," he says, flat-out. "He's who ally? Yeah fuckin right. Why you don't rap like him? You don't talk like him, dress like him, look like him. You ain't trying to portray none of that. I knew a few n***as that everybody tried to portray. There was one moment you thought you was Michael Jordan. Then there was one moment you thought you was Kobe."  "No!" responds T.I. "I'm not an athlete!" 

Though the conversation proceeds to segue in another direction from there, it's certainly interesting to hear Thug's dismissive take on Andre 3000,  one that seems to stem from personal experience. Check it out for yourself for more insight into his cadence and body language, with Andre talk transpiring at approximately the 53-minute mark.