After sharing some exclusive Young Thug info on Twitter yesterday, recording artist and music video director, Be EL Be, went on Reddit yesterday to answer more fan questions. Although Be EL Be is responsible for some of Thugger's most iconic music videos - including the ones for "Halftime" and "Danny Glover" - fans were mostly curious about Thug's unreleased music. The So Much Fun rapper is known for having an endless vault of music that has not and may never see the light of day. Given that Be EL Be has been by Thug's side for so many years, he seemed like the right person to ask about all of the stashed collaborations and projects. For example, he was able to disclose that SEX has about eight songs with Kanye West from the 2014-2016 period (which we all probably knew already). Also in the stash lies a song that is "kind of a Nipsey tribute", that did not make the cut for So Much Fun

Back in April 2018, Young Thug publicly expressed his interest (twice) in collaborating with XXXTentacion. The first time, Jeffrey shared this desire on Instagram Live. The second time, he posted a video of himself playing an unreleased track and tagged the late artist, encouraging him to "sample this". When asked if this collaboration ever came to fruition, Be EL Be succintly responded, "No". 

Be EL Be also responded regarding the "sad" album that Thug had supposedly recorded while he was going through it. "He’s not sad Mann. You can’t have so much fun then be sad," but he did clarify that "It will be a vibe. More of a thoughtful album."

On the subject of music videos, Be EL Be confirmed that the story of Thug not showing up to shoot of the "Wyclef Jean" music video was true, "but it was something personal going on so he couldn't make it". He did try, though. He revealed that a video for the exquisite song "Killed Before" off of Super Slimey was scrapped for being "bad". 

Lastly, the Be EL Be-directed video for "Surf" will be arriving today at 3 PM (EST), so be on the lookout for that.