An image of Young Thug sporting the same threaded ensemble as Michael Jackson was reposted by the rapper himself. The meme serving as a diptych, showing performers wearing a remarkably similar sweater, a caption alluding to the late singer's spirit reincarnating in the form of Thugger, all his pizzazz in tact. Of course Thugger is no stranger to self-praise having gone this route before when Portland Trail Blazer Dame Lillard complemented his style.

Thugger isn't the only performer to receive a complimentary pat-down. Beyonce's MJ tribute in April provoked a discussion over who was the better performer, with some bloggers suggesting she had outdone Michael at his own shtick during her Coachella performance. In the case of Thugger, he's gained his moral troupe without incurring the expense of pyrotechnics.

These comparisons have persisted since 2015, with Young Thug often acting as a catalyst.  Some of his fans referred to his voice as "Dirty Diana" era Michael Jackson, upon revisiting his 2011-12 mixtape catalog. Even Genius supported the idea, after hearing "Halftime" and comparing it to Michael's "Beat It." The comparison arises from Young Thug using his voice as a mutable instrument, similarly to Jackson singing in a lower register.

What do you make of the comparison?